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All of our clients need and utilize the basic blocking and tackling of PBM Commodity Services.  However, RxBridge clients want to go a level beyond the basics for their clients.  Our client’s clients are looking to achieve the optimized utilization advantages promised for years by the workers’ compensation industry.  In order to accomplish this, their pharmacy life-cycle requirements differ dramatically from the beaten path.

Our customers seek automated pricing transparency and intelligent self-service and logic-tree workflows in order to ensure the right people take advantage of supervening opportunities at the right time.  RxBridge architecture and designer frameworks enable a quick and effective implementation of these unique solutions tailored specifically for individual clients.

One client required a real-time transaction subscription model for their advanced data analytics engine built by the client to inter-operate their group health data and their Medicare data and their workers’ compensation data.  We enjoyed a lot of innovative whiteboard sessions accomplishing that one.  Another client candidly shared, “I can tell you the eye color of everyone who had an opioid script fulfilled on a Tuesday, but I cannot affect the transaction.”  To help provide actionable intelligence to this client, RxBridge technology is being put to work and advancing “interesting” data patterns and evolving those patterns to useful markers with implementable treatment medications.  Finally, another client needed to remain in their proprietary system, yet achieve the benefit of the RxBridge technological capabilities in a remote environment.  Combining the RxBridge architecture with the RxBridge mobile capabilities enabled this client to keep their staff in one system and maintain access to capabilities regardless of where they were.

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