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Pragmatic Agile keeps the delivery of new functions and features continuously refreshed. Synapse receives new features several times a month as we are continually innovating.


While we incorporate required basics for PBM management, we go a step further providing intelligent analytics driving Synapse heuristics leading to more astute interventions and better outcomes.


Synapse is built with the client’s needs in mind. Because of that, we provide clients with customized processes and integrations to satisfy their needs.

Forged in technology and immersed in customer focused flexibility, RxBridge is answering the call of organizations that rely heavily on strong integrations and collaboration with backend systems and processes. With the help of our innovative clients, we are designing distinct ways to merge, coordinate, reframe, and reconfigure moments in the users experience, thereby delivering better outcomes and more effective utilization. 

Simultaneously, RxBridge technologies are helping clients integrate this lifecycle into their proprietary business processes satisfying specific and necessary tangential and related business functions. 

With a strong technological solution further supported by a first-class mobile competency, our framework is satisfying an industry's unanswered demand. RxBridge is operationalizing Cognitive Services, Predictive Analysis, RPA, and Genetic Profiling in collaboration with our thought-leader clients and dramatically impacting overall utilization in a sustainable model over time. 

Our technology is a mirror reflection of the needs of our industry and our clients keep talking...and we keep listening. 

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