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RxBridge is a PBM designed especially for the Workers’ Compensation industry specializing in client-focused and flexible solutions for insurance companies, third party administrators, self-insured employers and Managed Care Organization connecting them to pharmacy networks and ensuring optimal processing efficiency through our proprietary world-class technologies.

We like to get our hands dirty. There is no doubt about that. Our customers care very deeply about outcomes. In order to attain better outcomes, you have to do something different.

RxBridge clients want someone to help them create that difference.

Who We Are
What We Do


The Synapse software delivers best in class capabilities directly to the adjuster/examiner. From predictive analytics, to formulary management and prior authorizations administration. Synapse enables our clients to effectively manage utilization with ease and specificity.


In an industry dominated by compromised integrity, RxBridge is the only solution offering transparent pricing. Our promise extends even further disclosing any and all revenue sharing “arrangements” with any and all partners – of which we have none.  


Rarely does the square peg : square hole solution work for our clients. They simply provide increasingly different and specific solutions to their clients. Therefore they need innovative, different and specific solutions from their PBM.


Our customer service methodology was created to ensure every single interaction for every single customer is every bit satisfying and every bit high-value. How do we accomplish an insane amount of excellent customer service on a consistent basis?



Why We Do It



Big Box PBMs provide some level of transaction management to VLOs (Very Large Organizations). Other organizations need a more “designer” approach catering to their specific needs. Having served this industry for a collective 50 years, we have enjoyed the white board sessions, the collaborations, and working elbow to elbow with these great teams to implement effective solutions to these very needs.


We like what we do, we get it and we love it.

Our Promise



Our Promise details our intent to be transparent and to be honest in our dealings with our clients.

While other industries require Full Disclosure Statements that require the proactive release and free exchange of all material facts relevant to the ongoing business operations of their business models, the workers’ compensation industry has yet to require such disclosure. In accounting, disclosure principles require a company to provide all necessary information enabling informed decisions surrounding a company’s financial statements including supplementary schedules, notes, footnotes, and third party agreements.

Webster defines “disclose” as “to uncover or reveal”.  We invite our clients to conduct business with an organization that does not simply “say” they are honest. Moreover, we demonstrate our intent with definitive actions and acknowledge all possible conflicts of interest.

We are determined to build a great service offering for the workers’ compensation industry by incorporating a legitimate and demonstrable Full Disclosure in the public arena. It is our commitment to you that this release is 100% accurate, inclusive, and up-to-date as of today.

We simply want to work real hard to help our clients and deliver a fair and equitable value proposition to our clients and to our clients’ clients.



We are simply a group of people that like what we do. We like to take care of our customers, design great solutions, and work with nice and honest people. It’s really just that simple. We are not perfect, but we do try to get better every day.


Our Team
Ron Carter

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Shearer

Chief Technology Officer

Misty Wedding

Director of Operations

The Rest of Us

Supporting Cast and Crew

Contct Us



Tel. 833-792-7434 (833-RxBridge)

PO BOX 1107

Dublin, OH 43017



Success! Message received.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. Everyone is so knowledgeable and kind. Their response time to my questions is terrific. RxBridge is the #1 PBM in my book!

I have highly recommended RxBridge to anyone who asks who we use as our PBM for workers' compensation claims.

- Self Insured / Self Administer Employer

RxBridge is proud to be one of the 14 companies recognized by BizTech as Columbus' top startups and innovators for 2022.

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